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A Surfer's Gift Guide

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Christmas is coming, and that means surfers are getting psyched for big waves and stoking stuffers. Buying a gift for a surfer is tough because there is so much variety in surf equipment and personal preference. Check out these gift ideas for some inspiration:


There’s nothing better than a bit of surf escapism and there are some recent gems out there:
  • Barbarian Days by William FInnegan and Swell by Liz Clark for your dose of surf adventure.
  • Surf is Where You Find It by Gerry Lopez is an autobiography of one of surfing’s greatest. It’s also loaded with epic photos!


Surf imagery is captivating. You don’t even need to be an avid surfer to enjoy a good photo of a stunning seascape, so this is the kind of gift that can keep everyone happy. There are loads of great surf photographers to choose from so I’m going to give you the names of two friends that I have seen some great work from:
Keenan Bush: @tofinosurfphotography 
Jill Salter: @jillsaltr
Check ‘em out on instagram to find out about prints!


This can be a hard one if you don’t have a specific wishlist, so here are a few stocking stuffers that every surfer could use more of:
  • Wax! Smells great, and surfers are always asking for it in the parking lot. Head in to your nearest surf shop and ask for the purple wax and they’ll know what you’re on about.
  • Fin keys, extra leash ties, and wax comb/ scraper
  • The pickle  Don’t ask, just do it.


Okay, okay! You can’t expect us to get through an entire blog about gift ideas without at least one act of shameless self promotion… but, you know what they say: experiences make great gifts. Why not check out our online store, too?

Happy Holidays!
Blog written by Adam Tory

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