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An Honest Account of Winter Surfing in Tofino

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It’s cold. Well... okay, you got me. It’s not that cold. I mean, it’s cold but it’s not Cold cold, y’know? It’s not east coast cold or Great Lakes cold. Try surfing there and you will find Tofino absolutely tropical by comparison.

Well now that the secret is out and you know that surfing in Tofino in December really isn’t that big of a deal, you can take a minute to appreciate that time it did actually snow here and we decided to go surfing.

Lessons had booked and we weren’t going to disappoint, nor were our students for that matter! We met in the parking lot and didn’t waste much time suiting up.  

After that you are working so hard at the actual task of surfing that your body is acting like a little furnace, churning out heat that is quite effectively insulated by our neoprene wetsuits. 

When it snows in Tofino and you go surfing you get to feel like a badass even though what you are doing isn’t actually that dangerous or difficult. In fact, it’s just like surfing here any other day except everything is white and crunchy to walk on, and maybe a little bit colder than normal. Everyone calm down. 

But yeah, we’ll admit, it makes for a nice photo.

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