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How to do Tofino in the summer.

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The Tofino Summer is like fine wine. Each year has its own unique character, influenced by intricate factors like the weather and the quality of the grapes that went into it. Everyone's experience of the Tofino summer is unique, too. Here at PSCo,  we’ve been doing the Tofino summer since 1998, and we’ve compiled a few notes to help you squeeze the most out of your visit. Sip and enjoy.

  • Surf Early
  • Tofino in the early hours of summer’s day is something special. Fog banks roll through and the air is still. The beaches are empty save for a few early risers. Start your day by getting in the water. We love a good dawn patrol, and nothing beats that post-surf feeling for the rest of the day. If you’re thinking of taking a lesson, we would suggest pre-booking for our daily 9am surf.

  • The Tacofino hack
  •  There once was a time when the trick to beating the line at Tacofino was as simple as calling your order. I remember gleefully showing my friends that I had the number and was therefore a ‘true local’. Long gone are those days. In fact, in the height of summer, you’ll be lucky if they pick up that phone because they're so busy all the time. We’ll let you in on a little secret: Tacoffino recently opened up a new location just outside of Tofino. I can’t believe i'm telling you this, but go to Long Beach Golf Course to enjoy a no-line Tacofino experience. You can thank us later.

  • Tonquin Beach
  • When it comes to beaches, we are truly spoiled. Tonquin beach is unique in that it lies on the very end of the rocky peninsula of Tofino. Take a walk through town and end up there when you take a left at the post office. Beautiful rock formations meet the sand and there are numerous little pockets for you to sit, find some shelter from the wind, and digest those tacos.

  • Get up in the Sky
  • Book yourself a scenic flight with Tofino Air, we recommend finding a flight right at sunset. You will meet your pilot on the dock, where you will board a float plane and take off out of the harbor. You might buzz  the tofino beaches and see waves breaking and surfers dotting the water, or you might fly high up into the mountains of the Vancouver Island range to see some epic glaciers. Ever seen a whale from a plane? 

  • Live music
  • Tofino has a buzzing music scene with plenty of live music at venues such as Lil' Ronnies BBQ where you can enjoy good food and tunes from the talented Tofino locals such our good friend Alle Bernardi .
    Blog written by Adam Tory

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