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How to Warm Up for Your Surf Session

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Hey there! We’re here to help you start the new year in the right way: on your surfboard!
As you can see in our last blog, we have given you a healthy dose of Surfing New Years resolutions to get things going. Now, we’re here to tell you that every good session starts with a proper warm-up routine.
(Photo: Scott Gringich) 
Having a proper warm-up routine is crucial for two main reasons.
  1. It will reduce the risk of injuries such as muscle tears and strains.
  2. It will awaken and loosen your body to allow for the best possible performance, a.k.a you’ll surf better!
Don’t be shy! I see it all the time that people are embarrassed to warm up on the beach. But, ask yourself, would you go lift weights or play an intense basketball game without a warm-up?
Surfing requires similar explosive power and flexibility, yet the practice of warming up is far less common. 
So, let’s begin by helping you build a simple routine that you can use at the beginning of each session. Trust me, you will feel and surf better because of it.

Find your warm-up zone

Find a suitable location on the beach to warm up. You can do this at home if you are close to the surf (10 minutes drive or less as you do not want to cool down and stiffen up in the car), or on an open, flat space at the beach.
(Photo: Kait Rogers) 

Build your own 10-minute warm-up routine

It’'s all about finding the one best suited to your needs. 
I use a program called WaveKi, which is incredible because it provides numerous short and long-form warm-up routines, followed by practice of the fundamental surfing movements on land. I dint no better way to prepare for a session than warming up and practicing WaveKi for 10 - 20 minutes.
If you are looking for a  free program, check out Surf Strength Coach on Youtube for a great warm-up routine and other training tips.
Lots of surfers swear by Yoga as a great warm-up routine. Check out this flow from Yoga with Aloha
Finally, you can get creative with it and get on your carver skateboard. This is an awesome way to wake up your surfing muscles and reflexes. Checkout this Carver Skateroutine from Kale Brock
(Photo: Scott Gringich) 

Make sure you are well-rested and hydrated.

More and more research is being done into the importance of sleep and recovery in sports performance. Companies like Whoop are delving into the science of tracking sleep and recovery correlation
One of the biggest inhibitors of performance or potential causes of injury is being dehydrated. Start drinking water as soon as you wake up in the morning, and always bring a bottle of water to the beach for before and after your session.
(Photo: Lena Andrian) 

The time you take to prepare on land will pay dividends in the water!

We’ve all been there: The waves look epic, you haven’t surfed in weeks, and you can't get in your wetsuit fast enough. Trust me, resist the urge to just run out there. Whenever I do a proper warm-up, I almost always have a strong start to my session, popping up to my feet and feeling solid and connected to my surfboard. Additionally, that time spent warming up on the beach gives me a chance to scope the waves so that I have a better idea of what the conditions are like. In turn, this informs my strategy such as where I will paddle out and what waves I will go for. It is a fundamental piece to increased enjoyment and longevity in surfing.
(Photo: Kait Rogers) 
Blog Written by Adam Tory

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