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Surf Lesson FAQ


  1. Do I need to rent gear for my lesson?

    No! Our lesson prices include all the gear you'll need for the duration of your lesson. This means we both transport and provide the surf board, wetsuit, and any accessories you may need. If you'd like to get back in the water after your lesson - we offer you a great deal on the first 24 hours of your rental! Just swing by the shop when you are ready to hit the water again and we can get you all set up. 

  2. I’m a bit nervous of water and can’t swim very well - can I still take a lesson?

    Absolutely! We are passionate about creating the opportunity for you to begin a positive relationship with the ocean. Your safety is our first priority, and our highly qualified instructors have an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable in the water. We will be staying waist to chest deep in the water for all beginner lessons, and first and foremost chatting about safety on the beach before we get in the water. 
  1. What should I bring for my lesson?

    To be prepared for your lesson, we ask that you make sure you bring the following:
  • Towel
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunscreen (if weather requires)
  • Water
  • Any personal medical items you may need within the 3 hour lesson time
  • Stoke!

    We will be bringing all of the gear to the beach for you, and during the busy season we even bring the photographer! **Weather dependent. 
  1. What do I wear under my wetsuit?

    We recommend you wear a bathing suit - with the least amount of material the better. 
  1. Can I wear my glasses or goggles on the lesson?

    Unfortunately, no. Eyewear can act as a hazard in the water, with yourself and fellow surf-mates getting used to 9ft of surf board! We ask that you wear eye contacts if possible, or leave your eyewear in your car.  
  1. What beach will we be surfing at?

    We choose the best beach for the day the morning of your lesson! Surf conditions can change  very quickly, meaning you’ll get directions and a confirmed beach location day of your lesson.  
  1. Do you offer transportation to the beach?

    We do not provide transportation of people to the beach. You will have to get yourself and your group down to the beach, but we WILL be bringing all surf gear to the beach for you.  
  1. Can I take a lesson in the winter?

    Absolutely! We are open year round, 7 days a week. Give us a shout to chat available lesson times depending on when you are coming out. 
  1. What if it’s raining on the day of my lesson?

    We surf, rain or shine! 


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