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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Wetsuit

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For Canadian surfers, the wetsuit is a second skin. You learn to love it. And, it’s true, it offers many advantages over surfing without a wetsuit. It protects you from exposure to things such as rashes, jellyfish stings, and sunburns. It provides buoyancy and cushioning from impact. This means that you surface sooner after a wipeout and are less likely to suffer abrasions from impact with reef or sand.

(Photo: Steffi Jade)

Then, what are the drawbacks?

It inhibits movement. It is like paddling with extra resistance bands around your body - the thicker the suit, the greater this resistance against you. But still, we find ways to surf for hours on end and it keeps us toasty warm. Just think of it as training for when you finally surf in warm water. When you surf without a suit after a season of struggling through your neoprene armour, everything feels effortless and light, but you certainly miss that extra buoyancy that it gives you. The final and maybe worst drawback… putting on a wet wetsuit is a form of torture. The cold, slimy wet neoprene clinging to your skin as you wiggle into it for that second session of the day is a true test of character.

Make the wetsuit your friend by caring for it, and it will give you longevity and warmth for your surf sessions!

Fresh Water Rinse

They say there are two kinds of people in this world, people who pee in their wetsuits, and liars. We've all done it, and no one is judging you. Just get into the habit of rinsing your wetsuit with cold fresh water after each session and hangin' it up to drip dry.

IMPORTANT: Don’t Take your wetsuit off in a hot shower. This will melt the glues that hold your wetsuit together, causing it to ultimately fall apart. If you are rinsing off and taking your wetsuit off, turn the heat down to luke warm, jump out of your suit, chuck it in te Rubbermaid bucket and make sure it is out of the shower before cranking the heat.

All hail the Rubbermaid!

The blue Rubbermaid tote bucket is the perfect vessel for your suit. Any surfer worth their salt will use this system to transport, change into, and rinse their wetsuit. Double it with a change poncho from Slow tide and you have yourself a mobile wetsuit changing station. It is also a great way to protect your wetsuit from damage.

Invest in good wetsuit hangers and racks for your boots and gloves

Standard plastic hangers struggle to hold the weight of a waterlogged wetsuit, and, worst case they could damage your suit. Use a sturdy hanger with thick shoulders to hold your suit. Also, check out Storm Shop across the way for wetsuit hanging racks.

(Photo: Steffi Jade)

DON’T Leave your wetsuit in the sun to dry.

Sunlight breaks down neoprene, and you will reduce the life of your suit if you do this regularly. Leave your wetsuit in the sun to dry. Sunlight breaks down neoprene, and you will drastically reduce the life of your suit if you do this regularly.

(Photo: Steffi Jade)

Beware the fingernails.

The smooth skin of the wetsuit is fragile - when putting it on, make sure you aren't digging your fingernails into the neoprene. Try to grip it with your fingertips when pulling it on to avoid tearing your wetsuit.


So, you heard it from us: Love your wetsuit, and it will love you back by allowing you to surf in Canada’s waters year-round. We have a wide range of quality gear from Xcel Wetsuits to keep you warm out there, so come on in and we’ll get you kitted out.

Blog Written by Adam Tory

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