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Ahh Hibernation… That deep sleep of January and February, where everything seems to slow down a little, becoming quaint.

As the end of February pings, we only want to keep pressing the snooze button.

Alas, the slumbering machine that is the Tofino Surf industry is starting the buzzing and whirring into life in the run-up to the busy season.

That starts with building an all-star team. So, you heard it from us first: join our team! 

(Photo: Paul Levy) 

In previous years, we have shown you, the perks of working in a surf shop and a day in the life of a PSCo staff member to give you an idea of what you might be signing yourself up for.

This year, I thought I’d share my experience working at Pacific Surf Company to make a case for why you should work at this rad little surf school at the end of the road.

I worked at Pacific Surf Company for 7 years, managing the shop and in-water operations for the last year of my full-time career there. I am so thankful for my time in that place, as I was having fun developing skills that I now find indispensable.

After leaving Tofino to seek waves on Canada’s east coast, I continue to work at Pacific Surf Co. in this capacity, bringing you groundbreaking surf journalism here on the Broadcast. In this way, Pacific still feels like my weird, long-distance and supportive family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

What makes the Pacific a place that so many people want to come back and be a part of season after season, and still find ways to work there even when they have moved away? And, before you answer, no, it's not a cult!

(Photo: Alfonso Ibasco) 

Maybe it has to do with the wisdom of the reclusive owner and business mogul Jay Bowers, who can be found roaming in the most remote reaches of the Pacific Northwest. 

Maybe it’s the Grumman, the trusty workhorse of Pacific Surf Company, that carries all the boards and wetsuits to the beach each day for lessons. That thing carries the soul of Pacific Surf Co. in its old bones, and it is just so damn fun to drive! Maybe it’s the staff surfs, and the beach hangs take the concept of an office pizza party to another level. 

(Photo: Lena Andrian) 

Whatever it is, when people ask me what it was like to live in Tofino, I find myself often recommending that they quit their current job and submit a resume to . It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in surfing but still have a career experience that pushes you and opens you to new possibilities. The surf breaks aren’t so bad either!

Blog Written by Adam Tory

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