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A Day in the Life of a PSCo. Staff Member

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It’s hard to describe the best job on the planet, so instead, we’re going to put you in the shoes… or rather, wetsuit boots, of a member of the PSCo. team for a day.

This summer, we are hiring friendly, hardworking people with a passion for surfing. You don’t need to be a pro surfer to work with us! We are currently accepting applications at Check out our employment opportunities page for more information. If you are interested, read on and maybe we can convince you to apply.


Wake up and check the Cox bay surf cam to see if you can sneak in a surf before you head to the shop.

The waves are fun and you’ve lost track of time… you start asking other surfers in the water  “does anybody have a watch?” 

(Photo:  Lena Adrian) 

At the Shop

The shop team arrives to open up and start organizing the lessons and rental equipment for the day. Thankfully, we are right across the street from our beloved snack and coffee go-to Rhino Tofino.

Shortly after opening, the instructors are in. After checking in with the shop team, they start prepping all necessary gear for the lesson and loading it into the trusty Grumman, the trusty stallion of Pacific Surf Co.

(Photo: Alina von Han)

What’s in a surf lesson?

The instructor team arrives at the beach access and meets with their students to hand out gear and get suited up. Now it's time to head down to the beach, instructors take students through the basics of safety, equipment and technique in a short lesson on the sand.

Then into the water for about an hour of surfing. Instructors have to be switched on for the entire time, keeping track of students and supporting them with advice and encouragement.

(Photo: Kait Rogers)

Gassed and smiling, students and instructors head back up to the beach access, to de-kit and say goodbye. Once out of their suits, the newly christened surfers will likely make a bee-line for Tacofino to satiate the burrito craving brought about by the surfing. The instructors will make their way back to the shop to clean and store the used kit, and take a lunch break before lesson #2.

Back in my heyday of instructing, we would go for the Co-op “$5 lunch challenge” where we would try to get the most caloric value for $5. Nowadays, due to inflation, the current PSCo team goes in for the $10 lunch challenge to meet the same nutritional demands.

Meanwhile, back at the shop

The team is on their 4th Rhino run of the day, and there has been a buzz of incoming and outgoing rentals, and lesson check-ins throughout the day. As opposed to the water team which will spend hours teaching and guiding one group of students, the shop team will help dozens of guests throughout the day whether they need some rental gear to use on their own, are checking in for a lesson, or are simply just coming in to check out the shop and our shwifty line of apparel. The shop team are also vital logistic support for the water team, helping the instructors to run lessons without a hitch.

(Photo: Cristina Gareau)

The Afternoon Rush

An afternoon glow is setting in on the peninsula and the Cox Bay wave machine is ever-churning out fun waves for all.

The afternoon lessons have gone out and the instructors are back at the beach. The shop is humming away and the team now turns their heads to making sure things are prepped for a good close. Rental returns are cleaned and put away, and lesson info is gathered for the following day.

Thoughts drift to the post-work surf session. Those that didn't make the dawn patrol session are sure to have FOMO. They await the beach report as the instructors get back from their afternoon lesson.

(Photo: Kait Rogers)

Schools out!

The shop is locked up and ready for the opening team the next day. Word from the beach is good, and a few of the gang already are heading back out there to catch an epic sunset session. But for those that already snuck a surf in the morning, ‘the double dip’ after a long day of work can be a trying ask. That might mean a chill sunset beach walk or cruise around the skatepark instead. Either way, basking in the last-light beauty of Tofino is guaranteed.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? Send us an application to the email address above, and we’ll see you out here this summer!

(Photo: AJ Roulstone)

Blog written by Adam Tory

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