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7 Ways to Care for Your Surfboard

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It’s said that the only thing more fragile than a surfer’s ego is their board. It’s hard to grasp as Canadians, used to throwing around durable ski gear, but surfboards are fragile!

They should be treated with the care and attention that a mother gives her new born baby. Here are a few key tips to keep that new surfboard (or our rentals) in tip-top shape.

(Photo: Rob Fiorella) 

1. Handle with care

 This simply means taking a firm grip, and moving it slowly and cautiously when carrying it. Be cautious of the wind, which can send the board flying. 

Super important here is don’t stand your board up vertically on its nose or tail unless its in a secured rack. Rather, when youre leaving your board to one side whilst taking a break or getting suited up, make sure it is resting “fins up” on a smooth or soft surface. Avoid laying it on gravel or sharp rocks.

2. Check for damage before and after your session

Give your board a good inspection before your session so that you know what condition its in. That way when you check it out after the session, you will be able to spot any new dings or damage that might have occurred during the session without your realizing (you’d be surprised how often this happens). 

(Photo: Alfonso Ibasco)

3. Get dings repaired before taking your board back in the water, and learn how to fix your own dings!

If you spot a ding (a crack in the fibre glass layer of your board that goes through to the foam core), you’ll want to fix it before going in the water. 

For more serious damage requiring reconstruction of part of the board or a fin box replacement, we’d recommend Tofino’s favourite Griz Time. You can reach him at 250 266 7645 for high quality professional repairs.

If you have a smaller ding, its well worth it to learn how to do your own repairs using a Solarez repair kit, available at Storm Surf Shop just across the street.

Check out this tutorial for DIY ding repair

(Photo: Paul Levy) 

4. Use a board bag.

Any decent board bag will have a good layer of foam padding to protect against those nicks and dings on sharp edges. It will also block the UV rays from the sun that can yellow the resin on the board. Its perfect for chucking your board in your car when you head to the surf, and makes carrying convenient on those longer hikes. If your board lives in a board bag, it will have a longer lifespan for sure.

5. Regularly check your leash

Maybe one of the fastest ways to shorten the lifespan of your surfboard is to paddle out with a faulty leash. Check your leash for cracks in the cord or wear and tear on the velcros. Make sure that the leash tie connecting your leash to your board is also in good shape and correctly attached to your leash plug. Check out our previous blog on how to set up your board for reference.

(Photo: Steffi Jade) 

6. Avoid excessive wax build up

Depending on how often you surf, and how aggressively you wax you board, over time you will start to notice wax build up. This leads to unnecessary weight and increased chance of slipping. No buen. Check out another youtube tutorial for the best way to clean your wax build up. 

7. Make a surfboard rack

Make dedicated storage for your board(s) so that they don’t get in the way, and are easy access when the swell is calling. Bonus points if you give your surfboard a freshwater rinse before putting it back on the rack.

Blog written by Adam Tory

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