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Perks of Working in a Surf Shop

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Welcome to “the industry”. For some that have tasted the sweet and salty goodness of surfing, the allure can be overpowering to the extent that it will make them quit their job and drop everything in order to dedicate themselves to this newfound passion. Tofino, and Pacific Surf Company in particular, is a place full of people who have done just that. Did I mention we’re hiring?

(Photo: Steffi Jade) 

You’re surrounded by like minded frothers

What’s a frother, you ask? Consider this an additional lesson to our Surf Lingo: Explained blog. A frother is a “stoked” individual that is truly passionate about surfing. They are best recognised in the water by the big smile on their face. They are attracted to the surf industry because they suffer from a severe surfing addiction, and this job allows them to continually get their fix. 

(Photo: Lena Adrian)

Your surfing knowledge will go through the roof

Any good surf shop will aim to be an open source of knowledge on the sport of surfing. They act as hubs for information for visitors and locals alike. At Pacific, we run things like free coaching for staff,  “staff rentals” which allow the team to try out any of the boards in the fleet, on top of our training which covers the basics of Surf forecasting, ocean safety and much more.

(Photo: Steffi Jade) 

Discounts are real

The great thing about working with friends like Xcel Canada is that they hook it up for the homies! Gear can be a huge cost, especially for us Canadian surfers that are hugely reliant on good quality neoprene for warmth. Staff also enjoy discounts on our every changing apparel. 

(Photo: Lena Adrian)

The pace

There’s the morning rush as the keeners and early birds get after it, the midday onshore doldrums, followed by the excitement of the evening glass off. The pace of working in a surf shop has a wonderful balance of intensity when you are busy helping guests, with a moment's pause in between the rushes to bask in the lore of the surf culture that surrounds you. Did you watch the latest WSL comp? How about that incoming swell next week? 

(Photo: AJ Roulstone) 

The surf breaks

When your manager is a surfer, they just get it. They understand that, no matter how fun of a job you might have, sometimes the waves are firing and you just gotta send it. I would be lying if I said that working at a surf shop in Tofino is all surf breaks and chilling. It get’s busy! But when the moment arises and you can sneak out for a wave, there’s no better feeling.

(Photo: Steffi Jade) 

The friends!

The perks of working at a surf shop don’t compare to the people that you meet along the way. These relationships are what make you fall in love with the sport because it is scientifically proven that surfing is better with friends… okay, don’t quote us on that last part, but based on our research, we’re pretty sure of it!

If this speaks to you, then we’re looking for hardworking and friendly frothers to join our team this summer and beyond.

Blog Written by Adam Tory

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