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So you've taken a surf lesson, what's next?

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Welcome aboard! So, you have dipped your toes into the vast world of surfing by taking a beginner surf lesson. Congratulations, for it takes a good degree of respect and humility to do so. We would like to reward you with this roadmap to help you along your surfing journey after that first encounter.

  • 1. Be Open to Further Lessons
  • This is at the core of my beliefs as a surf coach. To give you some perspective, I have been surfing for roughly 15 years, and I still work with coaches to improve my technique. That’s right, I'm still taking surf lessons! 
    Lessons may come to you in a variety of ways, whether it be from a formal coaching session with a trained instructor, or a friend lending a piece of advice after seeing one of your waves. Take all the lessons you can get!

  • 2. Know Before You Go
  • Are you ready to pick up a rental board and wetsuit and work away on your own out in the water? If the surf conditions are appropriate, this can be one of the best things you can do. If you are unsure about going solo, check out our Know Before You Go blog series.
    • Part 1 explains the importance of developing surfing self-awareness and respecting the ocean environment and communities that we surf in.
    • Part 2 is an intro surf etiquette for safety and enjoyment, with a sweet little video from our videographer Craig Lugsden to break it down for you.
    • Part 3 helps you safely and effectively finish your session so that you can get back out there for the next one!
  • 3. Don’t be intimidated to surf with those who are more advanced than you, and don’t look down on those who aren’t.
  • Surfing with advanced surfers can be a lesson in itself. Take notes. Look at how they position themselves on the wave before they have even caught it. Look at how they paddle and at the body positions that they hold whilst riding a wave or performing a maneuver. 
    Don’t worry about how you look in comparison to them. Remember that they care a lot less about how you surf than you think.
    As you progress, remain humble and empathetic towards surfers of all ability levels. Everyone comes at surfing with their own background and perspective. IN this way we can learn something from everyone, even if they seem less experienced surfers.

  • 4. Don’t take yourself too seriously!
  • Surfing is hard! And the ocean can be a scary place. These two factors mean that whilst we ultimately surf to have fun, it can sometimes feel pretty serious. It is important to maintain that humility and respect, whilst also learning to laugh at yourself and your mistakes. If there’s one thing you probably learnt from your first surf lesson is that it’s okay to fall a lot.
    So keep falling and flailing and laughing, friends. For now you have tasted the forbidden fruit of surfing, and it was gnarly. Whether it remains as a fond memory, or becomes a full blown obsession for you, there’s no going back.

    Blog written by Adam Tory

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