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So You've Taken a Surf Lesson, What's Next? V2

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The transition is abrupt but sweet, from fun summer surf to roaring fall storms. As we say goodbye to another Tofino busy season, we think of the number of first surf lessons we taught this year. How many of those fledglings will flourish into fully-blown surfers? And for how many will that lesson remain as a joyful memory of surfing? 

It’s a wonder that often crosses an instructor's mind as they say farewell to that student. So, for those that had that first lesson and are thinking, “What was that and how can I get more of it in my life?! Dive into this blog as we reveal some practical wisdom for the intrepid beginner.

(Photo: Kait Rogers) 

1. Check out more of the PSCO Broadcast for more great stories and tutorials

To begin, you should familiarize yourself with our first episode of this blog, So you've taken a surf lesson, what's next? Volume 1 and our Know Before You Go series if you want to continue on the learning train. 

This volume will focus on some practical tips you can use to get into the sport on the right foot, and link some useful blog posts from the Broadcast along the way for you to build your knowledge in your own time.

2. Fear not the Soft Top

It might scream “Beginner!”, but let’s have no illusions here: If you’ve just taken you’re first lesson…

Don’t worry, they’re a ton of fun, (See Softop Solstice), durable, safer, and cheaper than a new fibreglass board. Then, once you’re ready to move on to that glassed surfboard, you’ll still have that foamie around so that you can take your friends and family surfing,  or for yourself on the  small days when you want catch anything - they are significantly more buoyant.

(Photo: Kait Rogers) 

3. Prepare for your next session

The venom from the Surf bug-bite has taken full effect, and all you can think about it  planning that next trip to surf. Whether it  be back here in Tofino, or elsewhere, you’ll want to  be in surfing shape for that session. Consider:

  • A fitness training routine that focus on surf-specific fitness. This includes swimming laps to build paddle strength and stamina, and circuit training to build explosive muscle and core strength 
  • Practice your Pop-up at home. Remember when your instructor got you to lie on an imaginary surfboard on the sand before your surf? Now we’re asking you to do it 100 more times on your living room floor before your next session. The benefits of this are huge, as the pop-up is the first difficult, coordinated movement that we learn in surfing. Practicing this in a “dryland” setting i.e. your living room, will help you build strength and confidence in this motion when you next take it to the water.

4. Learn How to Wipeout

So you know by now that surfing is about 80% splashing around, 15% chasing waves, and 5% actual wave-riding. That golden ratio stays pretty constant throughout any surfers journey. In that 80% of splashing around, there are plenty of wipeouts. This means surfers fall, a lot! Luckily for you, our next blog is going to dive into the gory details of the wipeout, and how to do it safely, considering that it is an inevitable part of your session. For now, we’ll leave you with two key tips with the wipe out:

  • Relax - dont try to fight it. You are buoyant and will come up to te surface in short order.
  • Protect your head! Once the turbulence of the wave has subsided, you will start to surface. Remember that your surfboard could be right above you, or still swinging around, attached to your leash. This is why we go to the trusty arm helmet!

(Photo: Scott Gringich) 

5. We’re Here For You!

Send us an email, DM, carrier pigeon, fax etc. etc. and our team will be stoked to help you along the way. Stay tuned for more blog posts and fun, informative posts on our instagram 

Check out our high quality rental equipment so that you can get kitted out and start to explore the waves on your own.

(Photo: Scott Gringich) 

Blog Written by Adam Tory

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