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6 Ways to the Perfect Tofino Day

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1. Coffee

Coffee is a Tofino staple. This dark bean juice mimics the turbid nature of our ocean water, stirring within us a primal sense of awe. This makes it ideal to froth you up for that upcoming surf. 

Three go to spots in town:

Tofino Coffee Roasting Company for the best flat white.
Rhino Coffee House Coffee/donut combo A+
Drift Manufacturing Company for a new spot that makes a great coffee.


*Bonus points if you bring your own mug!* (We love these). 

2. Morning Surf

As you check the waves, fresh brew in hand, you begin to vibrate. This energy is part caffeine, part pure stokefire. There’s only a few early risers out there and that notorious summer onshore wind hasn’t stirred. The waves are peeling and glassy smooth. You know what to do.

Did those last few sentences make any sense at all? Check out our recent blog on reading surf forecasting to help you decipher the nonsense.

 3. Tacofino + Chocolate Tofino

This little orange Taco truck has a ridiculous line up for a reason: it’s damn good. I like the crispy chicken burrito and the pulled pork gringa as my post-surf feed. If I’m feeling extra cheeky I’ll go to Chocolate Tofino Gelato and tell them that I want to get So Pitted!

4. Rest & Digest

You’re going to want to take it easy after a meal of such epic proportions. One of the most scenic calm water beaches to enjoy is Tonquin beach, right in town. 

5. Catch Sunset

Tofino offers countless viewpoints for a great sunset. It’s hard to go wrong, so here are a few classics:

- Pettinger Point a.k.a Sunset Point at Cox Bay
Vargas Cone summit at the south end of Cox Bay. Be mindful that this is an unmarked trail and a bit of a scramble.
North Chesterman Beach Make sure you’re on North Chesterman beach, not to be confused with South Chesterman beach, where you might miss the sunset!

If you’re keen for a second surf session, the sunset session can be a great call as wind tends to die down and the crowds thin out a little.

6. Feast  

You crushed it today! You owe it to yourself for treating yourself so well.
Check out some of the exquisite dining that Tofino has to offer:

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