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Your Questions Answered: Volume 2

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We put out the call on social media, and you, our valued readers, came forth with your queries. 

Is high tide or low tide better for surfing? @erin._.margaret

Did you know the surf at Tofino's beaches is not tide dependent? Good surf occurs on a wide range of tides. This is the result of the flat topography of the local beaches, which provide a consistent, shallow sandbar for waves to break.

Certain waves at specific spots will change in quality depending on the tide. For example, waves at North Chesterman beach on the low tide can tend to be quite steep and fast, breaking on a shallow sand bar, versus the higher tides which tend to create a more gradually peeling wave.

The only time that you might want to avoid surfing is during the rare occurence of exceptionally high tides combining with large Winter swells: Powerful waves can shift driftwood logs deposited on the shoreline, creating a hazard for surfers and beachgoers. During these rare occasions, we schedule our lessons and rentals around safer tide windows.

(Photo: AJ Roulstone) 

Is a mid-length possible in July and August, or should we stick to the log? @the.way.west

Tofino is a year-round wave machine, and while summer swells are typically smaller than other times of the year, it is possible to ride all kinds of craft. From chippy, high-performance shortboards to classic logs, the waves here deliver! Some summer days might be so small that the log or mid-length are the weapon of choice, and you might struggle to catch a wave with the shortboard. Check out our ultimate Tofino quiver blog to see what kind of boards we love riding!

(Photo: Cristina Gareau) 

“Not a question, but Jessie is the best instructor by far”... @_skylerkang

Hah! Jessie says, “Thanks, Skyler!”

“What’s it like to surf in November?” 

It’s epic! We love surfing in Tofino in the Fall . November marks the shift into the active storm season for the Northern Hemisphere. Large swells light up the coast, allowing for epic storm watching, and awesome surf. We surf year round in Tofino, and November means rain, thicker wetsuits and exhilarating waves. 

Pacific Surf Company stays open year round, teaching lessons and offering rentals. With a variety  of different beaches to choose from, we can almost always find a spot that is suited to the needs and ability of the surfer. Check out these winter warmer tips to help you stay toasty and prepared for your November session. {Olvia can we offer an off season booking discount code here?}

Also, if you have learnt to surf in the summer here in Tofino, and are wondering about braving the winter swells for the first time, check out this tutorial blog for surf-viving in powerful swells. 

Thanks for tuning in to the Broadcast, where we hope to share with you Tofino surfing knowledge and lore. Stay tuned on our instagram @pacificsurfco for more Q&A opportunities!

Blog Written by Adam Tory

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