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Pacific Surf Company's Silver Jubilee - We Turn 25!

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It’s no small feat in a town known as Tuff City. This gorgeous little peninsula's intense seasonality and isolated nature mean that running a successful and sustainable business over the years is difficult.

Forged out of the fires of Stoke in 1998 by Jay Bowers, Pacific Surf School was one of only two surf schools in Tofino.

Initially, PSCo shared space with Storm Surf Shop, owned by Allistair Fernie. The two businesses complimented each other, forming a one-stop-shop for lessons, rentals and retail.

Eventually, both businesses grew to the point of needing their own space. Now, they sit opposite each other on Campbell Street, creating a churning little surf hub fuelled by copious amounts of Rhino Coffee and Donuts.

Tofino has seen steady growth since this surf school opened its doors. What was a small crew that operated for a few months in the summer is now a full-time operation that employs over 50 people throughout the year.

2018 marked our 20th Anniversary as a Surf company in Tofino. Which prompted a bit of soul-searching to find our company mission statement:

“We provide the opportunity for all to experience the life-changing impact of the ocean.” 

We continued to refine and identify our company pillars of Passion, Community, Environment, Accessibility and Sustainability.

We also started this blog! After five years of consistent writing, we have published 52 articles delving into the lore of Pacific Surf Company. We’ve shared everything from A Day in the Life of a PSCo Staff member to insider tricks and tips for surfing in Tofino, such as our Winter Warmer Tips and PSCo Tutorials series that explain specific surf techniques to help you progress your surfing.

In 2021, we made a tik tok account!

In 2022, we opened a Surf Shack at Cox Bay. If you are staying at Surf Grove Campground, you can enjoy the convenience of Pacific Surf Company Rental Gear and Surf lessons right next to your campsite. Enjoy “Surf in, Surf out” camping.

This year, General Manager Kieran quit surfing to pursue a Rugby career, and made a solid attempt at BC Men’s Rugby Division 1 Championships. Go, Kieran!

This summer and beyond, we continue to offer unforgettable experiences to guests, all thanks to an incredible team of stoked and talented individuals that make this the best job on earth.

Thanks for reading! In the spirit of our Silver Jubilee, we would like to offer you a cheeky discount code on your next order of PSCo merch. Type in this code: SILVER15 when you shop online to claim 15% off your next purchase!

Blog Written by Adam Tory

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